Sewing and sale of costumes for ballroom dancing, gymnastics, figure skating and various sports

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Art-Atelier ALTERA offers to Your attention a wonderful and convenient service on selection and rental ballroom dresses and costumes for Latin and standard.

costume hire - this is a great opportunity to change their way at every tournament.

All the dresses after rental pass dry cleaning to ensure hygiene. We regularly replenish our collection with a variety of models and carefully monitor the state of our dresses. Rental possible for a period of 3 days or more.

For this You need:
Come to our Studio and choose a dress, determine the size and model.

if necessary, you can book the dress for a particular date/dates, the booking is 50% of the amount of the rental and is included in the rental price of the outfit. In case of refusal from the dress or suit, the money for the booking will not be returned.

to place an order, only upon presentation of a passport for the contract conclusion, sign the act of transfer and acceptance and payment of the cost of rent + mortgage payment.

You return the dress, signing the act of return, and take the pledge.

Pay attention to our clients that You assume contractual responsibility for the condition and safety of the costumes . Hope You will wear them carefully and return us to a proper appearance. You don't have to change the style, size and finish of the garment. Dresses and suits can not be cut, filed, pass to carry on to third parties. Do not attempt to eliminate the contamination independently. If found defective:

• disposable (leads, open circuit of the component parts of dress, the gap at the seam) if possible to repair without loss of the presentation (straps, emblems, stones, etc.) will be charged the cost of repair.
• not disposable (not dry-verifiable spots, loss of component parts of the dress breaks) it is impossible to repair without loss of the presentation (burned, torn places, loss, destruction, loss, etc.) will be charged the estimated cost of the dress.

please note, while late returning the dress or suit, You must pay an additional day/days of rent and penalties in the amount of 10% of the rental price for each day of delay. To avoid these costs, we ask You to clearly inform us of the extension of the lease by phone +7 (966) 124 22 23 . If approved, the penalty on our part will be charged.