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Nikita Brovko and
Olga Urumova

Master of sports of Russia international class sports dance,
multiple winners of the Championships of Russia,
five-time winners of the World Championships,
silver prize-winners of superiority of Europe,
winners and prize-winners of international competitions in Russia, Italy, Germany, Denmark, England, Bulgaria, and Austria.

Roman Kovgan

Master of sports of international class
Triple world champion.
Champion of Europe among youth in 2008 in Latin.
Vice-champion of Russia, bronze medalist of the European Championship among professionals in ballroom dancing, 2016.

Eugene Sveridonov and
Angelina Barkova

Masters of sports
The winners of the Open
of the German Championship 2014
Finalists world Cup U21 2014
Silver prize-winners of the U21, WinnersBritishOpenChampionship
Blackpool 2015
World Champions U21 (10танцев),2015
Champions Winners British Open Championship, Blackpool 2016
Bronze prize-winners of the U21 world Cup,2016
Champions of Russia on 10 dances 2017

Ruslan Khisamutdinov and
Elena Rabinovich

Champions of Russia U21
World U21 Champions
Vice-Champions of Russia 2017.
The winners of the European Championship
WDC 2016, 2017

Vladimir Litvinov and
Lubina Kuznetsova

champion Russia in 2017
Vice Champions of Europe WDCAL , Blackpool, 2017
The semi-finalists of the UK , Blackpool, 2017

Grigory Smirnov and
Anastasia Shpilevaya

Silver medalists
Russian Championships 2016
Champions of Youth Olympic Games 2016
Champions of the Championship of Russia in 2017
The finalists of the World Championship 2017

Yaroslav Kiselev and
Sofiya Filipchuk

the Finalists of the Championship of Russia Children-2 2014
The winners of the championship of Moscow 2015
Medalists of the Championship of Russia 2015
Winners of the Open
League 2015
Silver prize-winners of the
Championship 2016 Russia
Silver medalists
the Championship of Russia in 2017
Silver prize-winners of the Open Championship of Germany 2017

Alexandra Revel-Muroz

the Owner of 1 adult sports category
Absolute Champion
national Championships 2017
Silver medalist of the European Championship WDC AL 2017
The winner of the Open Championship of Germany 2017

Ivan Bukin and
Alexandra Stepanova

Bronze medalists of the European championship 2015,
world Champions 2013 Junior
the winners of the Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final 2012
Junior Grand Prix in Chemnitz 2012
JGP Bosphorus 2012
the winners of the sports contest of youth of Russia-2012,
silver medalists of the world championship 2012 among juniors,
silver prize-winners of Superiority of Russia-2012

Dana Spitsina

Champion Russia U21
Three-time World Champion U21.
The winner of the Cup of Russia
Finalist of the European Championship and
World Cup

Karina Yusupova

Silver medal winner
of the championship of Russia in 2017
Semifinalist of the European Championship U21, WDC AL 2017, Blackpool

Dmitry Kulebakin and
Mary Chernyh

champion Russia
The winners of the WDSF European Championship 2016 in Latin,
Silver medalists of the World Championship in Latin and 10 dances.